Boutique Indoor Plants

Welcome all to Black Leaf's new corner.

Our plants are incredibly cheap and sell out quick.

You will find here a heap of stunning foliage to enhance your bright living spaces.

From the bloody Caladiums to the fenestrated Monstera or even the variegated finest species.

Plants help absorb CO2 and refresh the air and also assist in reducing stress.


Delivery rules and costs:

If you live less than 25kms from Joondalup Area.  /   $20.

When ordering a bunch of plants you have the option to select "Pick Up" or "Delivery"for each plant.

Please only select "Delivery <25kms" once on any of the plant in your cart if you wish us to hand deliver them to your door 


If you live 25-60kms from Joondalup.  / $40.

Select "Delivery  25-60kms" once on any plant.


Thank you very much for your business and happy planting.


Marine 🍀


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