Sarracenia Purpurea / Carnivorous Plants
Sarracenia Purpurea / Carnivorous Plants

Sarracenia Purpurea / Carnivorous Plants

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Our plants are healthy and stunning with a lot of pitchers per pot.

They come in plastic cups with a lid.

Sunlight: Pick a location that gets five or more hours a day of direct sun.

Water: Keep moist to wet and do not let the soil dry out. 

Soil: We recommend a mix of two or three parts sphagnum peat moss to one part of sand. Sarracenia like acid, nutrient-poor, moisture retentive soil. Avoid rich soil and clay. In clay, sink containers with drainage and fill with peat/sand mix.

Containers & Planting: Containers are the easiest way to enjoy Sarracenia. You can sink plastic pots, laundry tubs or even wading pools into the ground or you can line a hole with plastic film. In any case,we recommend drain holes or slits in the bottom to discourage stagnant soil. Plastic containers reduce watering needs by preventing the surrounding soil from pulling moisture away from the peat mix. Bog Gardens are also good as long as the spot is sunny. 

Feeding: Do not fertilize or give meat! Left outdoors, Sarracenia feed themselve.