The Magnificent 🌵
The Magnificent 🌵
The Magnificent 🌵
The Magnificent 🌵

The Magnificent 🌵

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The Magnificent

The Magnificent is home to the cutest Baby Toes stepping through Blue Chalk Sticks, while swinging from Banana Strings to reach the stunning Perle resting near her little sister Haworthia. But let’s not forget, that this veritable succulent forest kingdom would not be complete without the queen and her majestic crown...

The Magnificent comprises of a 50cm Terracotta planter with a great selection of classic succulents such as:

“Cobweb Spiderwort“ - Tradescantia Sillamontana (or White Velvet)

“Topsy Turvy” - Echeveria Runyonii (or Mexican Hen and Chicks)

“Campfire“ - Crassula Capitella

“Neon Breaker“ - Echeveria Hybrid

“Red Line“ - Echeveria Poldensis

“Blue Chalk Sticks” - Curio talinoides var. mandraliscae

"String of Bananas" - Curio radicans

“Perle” - Echeveria ‘Perle Von Nürnberg’

"Baby’s Toes" - Fenestraria rhopalophylla

And many more goodies in this planter


The Unique Difference: While we make every effort to match your arrangement to appear as displayed, each succulent and arrangement is special, unique and living and minor differences are expected.


Delivery: Pick up may be arranged from Duncraig or you may choose our free delivery service to any destination in the Perth metro area.



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